What we are up to: Pamlico Plantation Remodel


This month we are featuring a condo remodel in Pamlico Plantation. Pamlico Plantation is known for its beautiful views and waterfront living. This home was built in 1984, when construction was still predominantly designed as dedicated rooms. 


Our homeowners/friends Jeff & Shannon Smith asked us to assist in opening up their home so that it would function with the way they live. 


The Kitchen was small and separated, the ceilings were low. In the 80’s, it was common practice to have a soffit above cabinets to save on construction costs. Cabinet makers were attempting to be more cost effective by using less expensive woods (particle board) with laminate fronts. While it shortened production time and was marketed as Kitchen “refacing,” the cabinets do not have the longevity of a traditional wood cabinet. Particle board is porous and will swell in high moisture areas like kitchens.


Lead Designer Karyn Staten and contractor Tony Edwards opened the walls between the Kitchen and Dining room as well as the space to the enclosed the porch. The construction team adjusted some HVAC ductwork to raise the ceilings where they could, creating an open living space and allowing those beautiful views to be enjoyed.   


The design called for using one continuous floor product as to not stop the eye. New LED recessed lighting at a higher kelvin (https://www.lumens.com/how-tos-and-advice/kelvin-color-temperature.html) was used to achieve a more natural lighting effect. Shannon & Jeff made rich color selections and added a bold tile backsplash that goes to the ceiling, completing this project. Click here to see before and after photos of this remodel.