What’s New: Product Shortages and Remodeling


Despite all the news about product shortages and rising prices, we are still seeing strong interest in home remodels and additions. While these new challenges are frustrating, our team is committed to working with our clients to make their dream space a reality. “We are being transparent with our customers that they may experience delays in their projects, and some increases in cost,” said Karyn Staten, lead designer with AG’s Home Solutions.

While we are in the process of returning to normal, we are still dealing with a backlog from 2020 when suppliers were making goods at reduced production rates due to shutdowns. The perfect storm of tariffs and a pandemic also affected lumber supply, increasing cost and affecting availability. A recent survey by the National Association of Homebuilders revealed that 90% of builders were reporting shortages of appliances, framing materials and OSB, and 87% said they were having problems finding windows and doors.

“Locally, we are also experiencing delays and shortages in cabinet orders, plumbing fixtures and paint,” Staten said. “While all this is making schedules hard to stick to, we are doing our best to communicate with our clients and keep them informed of the status of their jobs,” she added. Staten encouraged customers to be flexible with selections and to try to stick to choices that are in-stock.

To help keep projects moving forward, AG’s Home Solutions has added new cabinet lines and suppliers for many of our remodeling needs. To learn more about our product offerings, contact Karyn Staten by calling our office at (252) 947-2526 or by email at karynstaten@aghomellc.com.