What We Are Up To: Mid-Century En Suite Remodel featured as Home of the Month

Last spring, Greenville homeowners Greg and Stacy Jarrell reached out to AG’s Home Solutions to inquire about remodeling several rooms in their home to create an en suite:


  1. a bathroom that immediately adjoins a bedroom and forms part of the same set of rooms.

The Jarrell’s home was built in the 1950’s, added on to over time, and they decided they wanted the home to be more functional for them as empty nesters.


The Jarrell’s both have a background in design, so they presented contractors Tony Edwards and Kathy Herring with a well thought out, detailed floor plan outlining which walls were being removed, where a new half bath was to be located, and how the former bathroom was going to be used as a walk in closet. “Working from a set of plans, or from an owners drawing is very helpful in communication and ensuring the owner and the contractor are on the same page,” Edwards said.


Even with the best thought out plans, issues still arise during a remodel. When the main wall separating the bedroom and bathroom was removed, it was determined that additional support was needed to support the roof load. Edwards explained the various options to the Jarrell’s, including a wall, a column or LVL (Laminated veneer lumber) beam to provide the structural integrity required.


Using that information, the homeowners designed a feature wall for that space, which the AG’s Home Solutions team affectionately named… The Taj Ma Wall. (learn more about the construction of the Taj Ma Wall in our article on Lead Carpenter Donnie Hill)


The remodel reflects the Jarrell’s eclectic mid-century modern (MCM) style. “They spent a great deal of time planning and ordering fixtures for their remodel, Herring stated. “Having all those resources in place early in the process helps all the subcontractors do their part to make the job successful.” For example, the Jarrell’s light fixtures and mirrors were extremely heavy and needed more support than usual. “Knowing this early in the framing stage, we were able to install extra blocking in the wall,” Herring said.


From first phone call to move in day took around 6 months, although in reality the Jarrell’s had been dreaming about this project for a couple of years. "Renovation can be stressful, especially when you choose to live in it," Greg Jarrell said. "Stacy and I are happy we had such a professional organization to partner with. From the first meeting to review our vision for our new space, through every step of the process AG's Home Solutions exceeded our expectations." Enjoy more photos from this remodel by checking out the AG’s Home Solutions “Home of the Month.”


Hidden clue: Did you ever wonder what the AG stands for in AG's Home Solutions? It stands for Anthony Gene, who most know as Tony, the owner of the company.