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Expert Q & A: eXp Realtor Natalie Edwards on Eco-Friendly Living

We are seeing an increase in consumers who are interested in their space being Eco-Friendly.   Our resident real estate expert Natalie Edwards (eXp Realty) offers her top 5 tips to make your space more eco-friendly and save you...

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Expert Q & A: Joey Barrow on FHA 203(K) Loans

  The FHA 203(K) Renovation loan allows you to purchase (or refinance) and renovate a property with one loan and one closing. With one loan, there is only one application, one set of fees, one closing and one monthly payment. Improvements can...

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Pro Tip: Smoke Alarm Safety

  Our pro tip of the month is about Smoke Alarm Safety. We recently interviewed Frank Webb, Licensed Electrician and owner of Energy Electric Company. We asked Webb where smoke alarms should be placed.   Place smoke alarms: - in all...

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