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What we are up to: We are now registered with the VA as a builder

If you want to buy a new construction home using a VA loan or make modifications to your home with a VA grant, your builder will need to be registered with the VA and obtain a VA Builder ID number. AG’s Home Solutions is registered with the...

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Expert Q&A: How To Plan an Addition or New Construction

  This month we are talking with Tony Edwards, NCLGC and owner of AG’s Home Solutions about the planning process for an addition to your home or building a new home. Q) Tony, what is the first thing a homeowner needs to do when planning...

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Pro-Tip: Natalie Edwards on why it is still a good time to remodel or build

Our pro-tip this month looks at the big picture of building in today’s climate of high lumber prices, product shortages and the current housing market. Natalie Edwards is co-owner of AG’s Home Solutions and a licensed Real Estate Broker...

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