Pro Tips: Oil Based Primer

We work on historical homes all the time and a great way to make life easier, add curb appeal and extend the life of your home is an excellent paint job!

The issues we run into are 99% of the historic homes are painted with oil-based paint which is more difficult to work with and takes significantly longer to dry, not to mention the wonderful smell. (Back in our grandparents' day they would add a splash of vanilla to make the smell more palatable.)

However, you can convert oil paint to latex by lightly sanding, utilizing an oil-based primer and then applying latex paint. When done right, the results are worth it!

Oil-based primers are excellent at dealing with stains, ink, nicotine and water and they can slow or prevent future peeling, cracking and blistering.

There are three main types or varieties of latex paint, namely: 100% acrylic, vinyl-acrylic, and alkyd-modified latex.

The 100% acrylic latex is best known as the highest-performing variety of this type of paint because it adheres extremely well and retains great color.

On the other hand, vinyl-acrylic is the least expensive type and is ideally used for interior walls while alkyd modified latex is well-suited for exterior painting projects.

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