Pro Tips: Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Are you interested in boosting your curb appeal? Landscaping is more than just flowers and plants.


Let’s talk lighting… yes exterior lighting. This is a subject that is overlooked until we have dropped our keys in the yard or arrived home after a long day to a dark house. There are lights available on timers or tied in to “Alexa.” Solar lighting is another option. You can add small lights on steps, tops of fence posts or just in those dark corners of the yard to make an impact. Good lighting discourages theft, hinders natural intruders and improves the appearance of your property.  


Think of your yard like a painting, it requires color and texture. Adding hardscapes such as outside seating, fencing, trellises, or a rock lined path adds interest and depth to your yard. You just need to decide are you a Monet or a Seurat? If you are leaning towards the Monet, a water feature is required!


Speaking of water, do you have too much or too little? Is it properly draining away from your home? If you have too little water, set up decorative rain barrels to reach all areas of your garden. If you have too much water consider installing gutters or a french drain.  


We routinely partner with Matt Haselden Landscaping and Design to provide finishing touches to our projects. His company can provide:

  • Commercial Lawn and Landscape Maintenance
  • Commercial and Residential Landscaping and Design
  • Outdoor Living
  • Landscape Construction
  • Debris Removal
  • Lot/Land Clearing
  • Site Prep
  • Driveway and Culvert installation
  • Bush Hogging, Power Raking and Forestry Mulching
  • Power Washing and Home and Roof Soft Washing
  • Stump Grinding and Tree Trimming and Removal

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