Expert Q&A: Designer insight on cabinetry colors

Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be a very exciting project, but it can also cause some decision fatigue and anxiety. One of the questions we get a lot is about cabinet color, so we talked with our lead designer Karyn Staten to get her input on this important selection.


AG:  What are trending cabinet colors for 2021 and into next year?

KS: Grayish green blue, Greige (combo of gray and beige), Both lighter and darker greens & blues are trending now. In stained woods, coffee stains are big right now.


AG: What are more timeless options for cabinets?

KS: White Cabinets will always be timeless. Other options that will stand the test of time are wood, glass, and greige.


AG: Some people think white cabinets are boring. What do you think?

KS: Typically in a kitchen remodel, cabinets are the most expensive part of the project. The good thing about going with white cabinets is that you can change the whole look of your kitchen with less expensive changes, like a new tile backsplash, paint color, new cabinet hardware, etc.


AG: I was surprised you said wood cabinets are timeless. Can you tell me why you think so?

KS: Dark stained woods can look outdated. But maple has a very contemporary feel to it. Natural woods are also beautiful and timeless. Mixing white and wood cabinets is also an option.


AG: Thank you Karyn! Anything else?

KS: Yes! If you are thinking about a new kitchen or bath space in Washington, Greenville or Winterville, consider calling me to discuss a design agreement. We offer various design packages based on the size of your project, and anything you pay toward the design is credited to your remodel. (252) 947-2526. You can follow me on Instagram for more design inspiration.