Expert Q&A: A message of thankfulness

This time of year is always a busy season, and it is always good to take time to reflect on the past year. This month, we are talking with Tony Edwards about the past year with AG’s Home Solutions and AG’s Construction.


AGHS: Tony, when you think back on this year, what were your greatest challenges?

TE: Certainly the supply chain issues have impacted our projects, but we have worked very hard to communicate with our clients, help them find in-stock products to complete their builds and tried to stay ahead of issues in general.


AGHS: Looking back on 2021, what was your greatest accomplishment with the company?

TE: Breaking ground on our first new construction home. I have built my personal home and now we have the opportunity to apply our construction expertise on a new homes for our clients in Washington, Greenville and Winterville. We are actually working on contracts for 4 additional custom builds for 2022.



AGHS: You probably have many projects that you are proud of; what were your top two or three projects in 2021?

TE: Historic Renovations continue to be a focus for us. There are several historic homes that have been fully restored or nearing completion in Washington.  To see these homes brighten up the street again, no longer boarded up, full of pests and vibrant again is an accomplishment. These homes allow us to work with local and state Historical Boards to learn about the history of the properties and present opportunities to be creative in design and construction.



AGHS: Tony, you certainly have quite a team of employees, subcontractors and vendors at AG’s Home Solutions and AG’s Construction. What message do you have for them as 2021 comes to a close?

TE: First, I would like to thank our clients from the past year. We appreciate the trust you place in our company. It has been quite a year. I greatly appreciate everyone working with us and providing top notch service to our clients. We look forward to a successful 2022.