Expert Q & A: eXp Realtor Natalie Edwards on Eco-Friendly Living

We are seeing an increase in consumers who are interested in their space being Eco-Friendly.   Our resident real estate expert Natalie Edwards (eXp Realty) offers her top 5 tips to make your space more eco-friendly and save you money.


Utilities: Chat with your utilities provider to see if they provide assessments, tools, or resources to make your home more energy efficient. Many have resources on their website or have items they can mail to you.


Water: Get serious about water consumption. Check for leaks, if any are found, repair immediately.  Also think about how much water you use.  For example, does your faucet continue to run the entire time you are brushing your teeth or shaving?  Small adjustments to water usage add up. It’s also a good idea to install a low-flow shower-head – these have been shown to save up to 160,000 liters of water for a family of four.


Light Bulbs: Change out existing light bulbs to LEDs. Not only do they take less energy, they last longer which will save you energy cost and replacement cost.


Cleaning Supplies: Embrace natural cleaning supplies. Using harmful chemicals to clean is very bad for the environment. When you wash them away you are simply putting them into the water supply. That means water will take more purification before it is safe to use again. But the good news is that in the majority of cases you really don’t need to use them. For most day-to-day cleaning tasks, natural products like vinegar, citric acid from citrus fruits and bicarbonate of soda can be used in place of caustic chemicals to great effect.


Insulate: One of the smartest ways to improve your home’s eco-friendliness is to ensure that you use as little energy as possible. Investing in insulation is a great way to do this. Good insulation helps hold in the heat, meaning you don’t need to burn energy reheating the home all of the time. There are plenty of places that can and should be insulated including within the walls and in the roof. It can also be smart to consider double glazing any windows that don’t already have it. Also, consider covering any exposed hardwood floors in southwest area rugs. Area rugs are a cost-effective and stylish way to help insulate your home and prevent air from slipping out through the cracks in your floors.